Meet the Team

Grace Belangia

Curator and lead organizer, 3rd Degree Media, Connecting, communicating and collaborating with your community. Founding member @_clubhouse, HACKAugusta

Eric Parker

Co-organizer, architect + entrepreneur, designing a box where the outside is in, and then thinking outside the box again @HackAugusta @_Clubhouse @TAGAugusta CONima

Al Dallas

Executive Assistant to Mayor Deke Copenhaver, otherwise known as “the new Karyn”

Celeste Cleary

Celeste is a member of Southeastern Filmmakers in Augusta and the CSRA Vegetarian Society.

Crystal R. Farrow

Artist, Leader, Retail Sales Manager/First Citizens Bank, Legacy focused individual who strives to make a positive difference in personal and professional relationships.

Keith Edmondson

“Money, Life, & Leadership Coach; Community Builder; Man of Faith; Owner/President of Augusta Sports Leagues @PlayAugusta”

Kristin Bentley

Social media for #tedxts, knowledge seeker, wearer of many hats, believer of using your superpowers for good.

Molly McDowell

Loves good art, music, shoes, food and traveling. Doesn’t care that much for animals and children (except her own). Runs and drinks wine everyday.

Natasha Carter

Goal Oriented, Optimistic, Colorful, Creative, Founder & CEO of @CarterBeachem Communications.

Polly Williams

Passionate about a lifelong education,humor, travel,my faith,and seeing all the positives in life.

Rebecca Plankey

Community oriented marketing, communications and sales professional who likes to connect the dots and make things happen.

Shannon Lanier

Reader, writer, sports fan, problem solver, family activities director, Hull Barrett, P.C.

Travis Smith

Photographer for TEDx Telfair Street, designer, creative thinker, engaged husband, father and friend.

Cobbs Nixon

Husband, father, grandfather, soldier, reader, hiker, senior “athlete”, student, civic boards, Westobou Festival, Blanchard and Calhoun Insurance….And
Passionate about Augusta, new faces and new ideas.

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