The latest news about TEDxTelfairStreet in Augusta, Georgia

April 2013

The initial planning stages begun in April 2013.  The Augusta Chronicle said great things about TEDxTelfairStreet and which is when TEDx organizer Grace Belangia announced the event.

May 2013

The first order of business was putting together a team of business leaders, community volunteers and great thinkers who are passionate about making sure that TEDxTelfairStreet is a success.

TEDx Telfair Street Team

June 2013

Our social media campaign will keep everyone in the loop on the latest local activities  for TEDxTelfairStreet and also curate the best of TED and other successful TEDx events around the world.

July 2013

After many months of planning, ideas exchange, and creative brainstorming, website is live.

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  1. Dawn OBrien

    I’m so glad to hear we are having a tedX event in Augusta, this is so exciting! I’ve been watching TedTalks since my college roommate turned me on to the website nearly 10 years ago! If there is anything I can do to help out in organizing, advertising, or running the event, please feel free to contact me– or


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